Woven Private Labels

These are printed directly on to your hat and not done as patches. These are made of silicone rubber that when applied on the hat gives your logo a raised feel that’s a couple of millimeters off your hat. It also has a thick feel to it as well. This option can only be done when your logo is 1 or 2 colors and only on  5-pannel hats. 

 Your logo is then applied on the hats by an industrial machine that has been manufactured just for this line of work. It heats the patch onto the hat at a very high temp. 

Weather and outdoor conditions can affect the durability and life of the decoration. Normally Withstands 25-40 domestic cold washing cycles as long as you do not pick at the logo.

Max size 2 ¼”h x 4.5”w
2-3 week turnaround
24 pc minimum

Woven Private Labels options

Merrow Border

This is considered the standard patch border that is applied by a specific sewing machine that has been the industry standard and family owned since 1838 and manufactured right here in Massachusetts.

SATIN STITCH / Die-Cut Border

Ideal for irregularly shaped logos. The patch outline is cut using a hot knife that gives the patch a 1/16”-1/8” satin stitch edge that simulates a Merrow border without the raised feel. That can then be applied by a heat press or sewing machine.

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